Shakira and Ozuna announced the release date of ‘Monotonia’ and it would have strong hints for Piqué

Shakira and Ozuna announced the release date of ‘Monotonia’ and it would have strong hints for Piqué

The singer Shakira, despite the various situations in which she has been involved since she announced the separation from Gerard Piqué, has not stopped working, because in the midst of everything she has been very smiling, such was the case with her single ‘ I congratulate you’, and now she comes with ‘Monotonia’, a song she recently recorded with Ozuna.

Last Sunday, her fans went crazy when they saw that the Colombian and the Puerto Rican shared on the social network of the camera that it will be next Wednesday, October 19, when they will be able to enjoy this theme on all platforms, that according to the little that she has been sharing, it seems that she promises a lot.

The video only lasts a few seconds, although you can still see a black heart to which they stick a sword and, before ending in the middle, they reveal the name of this single that is in a countdown so that those who support her career can listen to it.

This weekend she also shared what was a small fragment of the official video, there you can see that a heart falls to the floor and she tries to pick it up. However, the Colombian, although she sees herself on the ground, could not rescue him, while she sees the foot of a gentleman pass over her.

In turn, there were almost 50 thousand comments that were recorded when seeing this preview in the little camera application, while it reached 1.8 million “likes”. In addition, there were many expressions that asked her to finish bringing up the subject that she has made more than one desperate.

I never said anything, but it hurt me. I knew this would happen“, was the message that accompanied the audiovisual.

A few days ago she also shared some brief messages, and it is that many came to imagine that it could be hints to the father of their children. Part of what she came to post on her profile: “It wasn’t your fault, nor was it mine. It was the monotony’s fault.”

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