Antonio Brown turns against Tom Brady for his divorce on social networks and earns the hatred of all fans

Antonio Brown turns against Tom Brady for his divorce on social networks and earns the hatred of all fans

Antonio Brown, a former Buccaneers player, has taken advantage of his social networks to recently make fun of Tom Brady’s divorce with Gisele Bundchen and the thousands of rumors of the controversial news that has surrounded the quarterback of the Tampa Bay team.

On the first occasion, the former NFL player uploaded a photo together with Gisele Bundchen when they won the championship title in 2019. In the photograph, Gisele is seen hugging Brown during the celebration, but now she has escalated her teasing again.

Now the player posted an image of a children’s learning book, but with the images changed and also the title of the book. “Daddy doesn’t live here anymore” reads the title of the book that shows Tom Brady leaving a house, while he is fired by Gisele and Antonio Brown is inside the home.

Thousands of comments reached Antonio’s networks criticizing the former player’s publication, since Brady was one of the players who defended him during his attacks of anger in the season before he was permanently suspended by the team.

This also isn’t the first time Brown has lashed out at Brady or the Buccaneers. The former player has always been upset about his sudden dismissal from the NFL.

Antonio Brown accused Bruce Arians, coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, of forcing him to play despite being injured and “take him out like an animal” in the Week 17 game against the New York Jets.

“I gave in to pressure from my coach to play injured. I didn’t quit, they fired me. I would never abandon my brothers. They took me out like an animal and I refused to wear their mark on my chest, so I took off my jersey,” the player wrote in a statement.

Brown, who was a wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, made a fuss in that game against the Jets after he took off his team shirt. and protective gear and walked bare-chested to the dressing rooms.

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