The niece of the tonadillera does not hide her discomfort due to the unforeseen events that are arising before her wedding with Omar Sánchez

Anabel Pantoja is about to see her dream come true. At the end of October her wedding will finally be celebrated with Omar sanchez, a ceremony that has been delayed up to two times due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to the nerves of the proximity of such an important day, there are the problems that are emerging with some guests. So, for example, her father Bernardo has already confirmed his absence due to, allegedly, mobility problems to access the beach where the wedding is going to take place.

Neither does her aunt Isabel, with whom the bride maintains a very close relationship, will come that day to go through a difficult emotional moment derived from the bad relationship she has with her son Kiko Rivera. For his part, the DJ has confirmed his presence.

A few days ago, Anabel Pantoja celebrated her bachelorette party in Doñana with some of her closest friends such as Raquel Bollo and Isa Pantoja.

However, her return has been marred by the publication of some images of her father Bernardo on a beach in Cádiz and by the filtration of some private audios in which Isabel Pantoja’s brother would try to agree on some images in front of the sea on the day of the wedding showing that his lack of mobility has not been the reason for his absence from the link.

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