Jennifer Lopez's nutritionist reveals the keys to losing weight

Jennifer Lopez’s nutritionist reveals the keys to losing weight

Haylie Pomroy, the celebrity nutritionist, says that to lose weight you don’t need to follow a strict diet or spend hours in the gym. According to the expert, it is enough to accelerate the metabolism.

Pomroy, who among other celebrities is responsible for the enviable figure of Jennifer Lopez or Reese Witherspoon, points out that the key is to choose the right foods at the right times to raise your metabolism rate and achieve visible results in the body and, therefore, in health.

The nutritionist proposes in her book “Metabolism Revolution” what she calls six principles to achieve a healthy metabolism:

Eat something in the 30 minutes after waking up. Pomroy believes that more than exercising on an empty stomach or simply not eating anything until lunch, the most effective thing is to have breakfast as soon as you get up to give fuel to the body.

Afterwards, you can have a snack in the middle of the morning and eat every three hours to keep your metabolism active.

Real Food. Pomroy is a defender of “real foods”, that is, unprocessed (fruits, vegetables, cereals, meat, eggs, fish).

Eat varied. The key to not getting bored on a diet is to eat a varied diet. To do this, Pomroy recommends planning weekly menus so as not to fall into last-minute temptations. The perfect thing is a combination of different vegetables, fruits and proteins throughout the week.

Do not count calories. We should not obsess over counting calories. According to Pomroy, if we eat little, the metabolism slows down and “Even lettuce will be stored as fat”. It is better to focus on the quality and not the quantity of the food.

Eat what you like. Eating something that we feel like reduces stress and stimulates the secretion of endorphins, the happiness hormone. Pizza, for example, is allowed but better if it is homemade and with good ingredients.

Strategic exercise. Exercise yes, but combining cardio with strength. Before training, according to the expert, it is recommended to take a fruit to stimulate fat burning.

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