This Christmas nothing is the same in the Pantoja family. Even the very nephew Anabel Pantoja, married and rooted in the Canaries, prioritizes “wrinkled potatoes” over her own.

She has not seen her father for a long time, visits to her mother decrease, and her soul aunt, Isabel, does not want to know anything about her family at this party.

For this reason, the unconditional Anabel will not spend, as was usual every year, on December 31 at the family estate of “Cantora”, the source of so much controversy in recent times between the tonadillera and her son, Kiko Rivera.

Her plans for that farewell night in 2021 place her on the islands of mojo picón, along with her husband Omar and his gang of friends.

She must not have learned that we are still in times of a pandemic and that the authorities advise against large gatherings. Because she has already made it clear, she wants to celebrate the party with her entire gang.

Someone would have to explain to her the risks that she can run that night, and that the new variant of COVID 19, Ómicronl, is wreaking havoc among the population. The number of infected people is increasing and hospitals are filling up.

But Anabel thinks she is from another galaxy, one that the virus does not reach. If not, it is not understood that she happily announces that she will welcome the new year in style.

Disconnected from her chair as a collaborator of “Salvame” for a long time, she plans to meet with the heads of “The TV factory”, producer of the program, in mid-January, to negotiate her return to television.

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