Three months ago we learned the sad news of the sentimental break between Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas and now, it seems that the actress has found a new love, at least a new friend with whom to share her days. That is at least what the international media has reported.

After spending a few days in Cuba, the actress returned to Los Angeles and was seen with a very attractive man, something that set off all the alarms about Ana de Armas’s new company.

The actress went for a walk with the dog Elvis and coincidentally she also did it with this new man with whom she has been seen, who also took his pet. The two ended up having a coffee, where they had a chat in which the complicity was in each of the words.

It has been three months since Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck broke their relationship, but even so, the actress has not deleted from her Instagram profile the photographs that show that there was a movie love between them. She has yet to confirm their new romance, but the photos speak for themselves.

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