Famous streamer Amouranth takes Twitter to task in a recent series of posts. After responding to a user of the platform, Kaitlyn Siragusa gave her point of view on the system operated so far by Twitter, which corresponds neither more nor less to censorship according to her. Explanations.

A social media pro

No longer present the famous streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, on Twitch since 2016. Videographer, cosplayer, and ASMR creator, Amouranth is as well known for her content as her antics in spades.

Over the years and after accumulating hundreds of millions of views, Kaitlyn Siragusa is now at the head of a veritable web empire and is increasingly a hit thanks to Twitch, but also her other social networks, such as Twitter or Onlyfans.

Recently, the videographer was talked about again after a small update targeting Twitter. According to the person concerned, the platform would today operate a system that would censor the work of creators and creators of the web.

The default mode, a handicap for content creators

To respond to a Twitter user about visible and hidden content, Amouranth expressed his views on the system used by the platform. According to her, the mode of visibility of the content that Twitter offers by default corresponds to censorship.

Asking users to modify a default system is censorship. Promoting content this way makes a big difference. I set the default settings on this account to see what was censored or not, if I engage or retweet it too much (the censored content) my account performance will be throttled. Again, I thoroughly investigated the issue. I also studied the impact of default settings and choices.

Amouranth continues and cites in particular the longevity of Internet Explorer, which she explains in relation to the default settings offered by Windows. Not sure that Amouranth’s statements change anything for Twitter. Nevertheless, the streamer is definitely one of the people who could be heard by the platform.

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