Amouranth on OnlyFans has earned staggering figures

Amouranth on OnlyFans has earned staggering figures

The numbers shared by Kaitlyn herself

Amouranth he is undoubtedly, at the moment, one of the brightest stars on the net, and shines as much with the light of the adulation of his followers as the light of the contempt of his haters. The most followed streamer in the world shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that she earns a real fortune, but one thing is not to specify a figure and let our minds fill the gap, a different thing is to know the actual numbers, and those of this girl. they really make the jaw drop – to this day, on the solo OnlyFans, Kaitlyn (his real name), collected a whopping 33,760,272.58 dollars (which drops to 27,006,617.98 after taxes, ed).

Amouranth shares numbers on Twitter to “send a message”:

The girl shared a table showing the earnings of the last five months, including July (obviously incomplete, ed), accompanying the tweet with a short message: “It’s not about the money. It’s to send a message “. From the table we see how his earnings today are up OnlyFans amount to approximately $ 1.5 million every single month.

Amouranth he therefore wanted to extend his thanks to the team that has always followed her and that helped her to obtain such a result, which is a clear demonstration of how much her contents are in demand – and I believe this is the “message”, and it is easy to understand who it is aimed at, that is, to all its detractors and haters. I would say that with this message he has shown that he can do much more in a single month than all of them (and me too) will in a lifetime. If this means being “useless” as many define it, then I really hope to become useless!

Ordinary people sometimes show short-sightedness in the face of certain dynamics. If you are bothered by the type of content a character like Amouranth these short-sighted lash out against her, demonstrating in the first place a lack of respect for others in relation to the subjectivity of personal taste and, secondly, short-sighted in the face of the fact that where there is an offer, the question comes first: no one she would produce bread where no one eats it – so if she produces it is because there are those who want what she has to offer.

If I can give a piece of advice to the haters it is the following: forget it. It is not about matters of life or death, it is about frivolous matters, and in frivolity everyone spends their money as they please, and there is no better expense than others. So spend as you please, and let others do the same.

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