October continues to happen and we are getting closer to the end of the month, Karely Ruiz is looking forward to it Halloween and that is why he has dedicated much of his time to thinking about the perfect costume for said celebration.

On this occasion he decided to share with us a new mask that he got, one in white with red and black details, very similar to the ones used by the characters in the famous movie The Purge that sign where everything is legal tonight and all kinds of things happen.

However, despite the fact that the young woman could have chosen an outfit that is also a little more terrifying, she decided to use a nice blue beach suit which despite the fact that many would consider that it does not combine with enjoyment for his followers on social networks.


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And this her charms and her figure was highly enjoyed by them, who could not believe how incredible she looks, it shows that she has dedicated a lot of her time to maintaining her figure as voluptuous as possible, in addition to exercising and taking care of all aspects to say impeccable in the other photos.

The snapshot draws the attention of tens of thousands of people who have already “liked” it, many of them also leaving a comment to express that if it caused them some fear to see this version of their favorite Influencer, they are excited to see what it will be. the costume you will select for the official day

This snapshot was also shared by famous Through her secondary account, she has several profiles and is always trying to tell us which are the official ones so that we do not fall into any kind of misunderstanding, since she has told us that on several occasions she has been claimed for things that she has not done.

Karely Ruiz is at the peak of her career, increasingly popular and her name has spread throughout Latin America and the world, many people know about her and most of them also know that she has her platform only for fans.

On this very popular web page you can get their best content, photos and videos, all in exchange for a monthly subscription that is key in this situation, because in this way they manage to generate excellent income and continue dedicating themselves to what they like so much.

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