The New Mexico prosecutor’s office refines the details to start a trial on the death of the cinematographer of the Rust tape.

After the arrival of his eighth child, the actor and producer Alec Baldwin could face a trial against the prosecutor’s office in New Mexico, United States, where he would be accused of negligence with the use of weapons on a film recording set and for having taken the life of the director of photography Halyna Hutchins, from the tape Rust, which was recorded in that state.

Almost a year after the incident that left one person dead and one injured, the state of New Mexico approved a budget item of 317 thousand dollars, requested by prosecutors to repair an accusation against people from the production of Rust due to said accident.

Although, until now, the name of the other people who will be accused of being responsible for the incident has not been released, nor the charges for which they will be accused, some legal specialists speculated that those involved could be the producers, as well as the armorer or those people who were in contact with the weapon, before Alec Baldwin used it.

Santa Fe County Prosecutor Mary Carmack-Altwies requested $635,000 to carry out the trial, explaining that the exorbitant amount was due to the possibility of having to hold four separate trials, as well as appointing a special prosecutor to oversee the development of the legal process.

Although the actor and producer of Rust, Alec Baldwin maintains that he did not pull the trigger that fired the bullet that took the life of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, a recent investigation by the FBI contradicts the actor’s statements, since they assure that the weapon that also wounded the director Joel Souza, was unloaded by Baldwin.

It should be noted that prosecutor Carmack-Altwies said last week that they still did not have the final report of the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s investigation, and that last August they would have obtained the record of the calls made by Alec after the incident, as well as a report from the morgue manager’s office.

In the event that a trial is initiated against actor Alec Baldwin and he is found guilty of recklessly taking a person’s life, the famous man could get a maximum sentence of 18 years in prison; situation to which the lawyer of the actor Baldwin responded.

“The District Attorney’s Office made it clear that they have not received the sheriff’s report or made a decision on whether and against whom to file charges. During my communications with the prosecutor’s office just a few weeks ago, after the August 30 funding request was submitted, I was told that it would be premature to discuss the case because they had not yet reviewed the file and deliberated on the charging decision.” , explained Luke Nikas, Alec Baldwin’s lawyer this Monday in a statement.

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