The American mountaineer Hilaree Nelson is missing when she fell in Nepal from the eighth highest mountain in the world, her rescue work is being carried out by the country’s authorities and news is expected in the next few hours

Famous American mountaineer Hilaree Nelson is missing after falling near the top of the world’s eighth highest mountain in Nepal. Rescuers from that country were searching for the American athlete on Tuesday, but now the work has not been successful.

An avalanche on Mount Manaslu on Monday swept away several climbers, killing a Nepalese guide and injuring others, the AP reported. Hilaree Nelson, 49, is said to have been skiing from the 8,163m summit with her partner Jim Morrison when she fell off the mountain.

Bad omens for the rescue of mountain climber Hilaree Nelson

Bigyan Koirala, a Nepalese government official, assured that Hilaree Nelson fell through a crack in the area and later disappeared. However, he would have anticipated that a helicopter would start the search from this Tuesday, September 27. The work began from the place where it is presumed that the renowned athlete fell.

It should be noted that bad weather hampered rescue efforts on Monday. However, visibility improved on Tuesday as a helicopter flew over the mountain in search of the athlete. The prognosis is reserved, however the search efforts will continue.

Hilaree Nelson’s achievements

Among the achievements of the 49-year-old athlete, Hilaree Nelson, it is worth noting that the American had managed to become the first woman to reach the top of two of the highest mountains in the world, Everest and Lhotse. These historical achievements were achieved in a period of 24 hours, the event occurred in the month of May 2012, 10 years ago.

As reported by AP, the Nepalese government has issued permits to a total of 504 climbers to attempt to scale high mountain peaks this fall season. However, most of them are said to be on Mount Manaslu. It remains to wait for the rescue work to end and if it is possible to find the whereabouts of Hilaree Nelson.

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