Just a week after being caught by the paparazzi kissing on the streets of Madrid, Canales Rivera’s attitude during Jorge Javier Vázquez’s fight with Lucía Pariente on the set of Secret Story, has put an end to this incipient love story.

About Mr. Canales Rivera without words. He knew it, he told the house about it and when he has to defend the truth and a friend, he freaks out and shuts up. What a disappointment! ”, Alba wrote on Instagram.

Just a few hours after criticizing the Rivera brothers’ cousin on social media, The Madrilenian has answered one of her followers who asked her if she continued with Canales that “I’ve never been” with him.

Everything seems to indicate that she is ending his relationship with the Cádiz bullfighter and that, despite what has been publicly expressed, she has no intention of giving him another chance.

And, according to Alba, the bullfighter did not sufficiently support Lucía Pariente when she assured that Cristina Porta had hidden a pen in the reality show.

This accusation was the reason why Jorge Javier called his mother a “liar” which generated a strong confrontation between the two that ended with their expulsion from the set and with threats from the presenter to the “fresh” collaborator.

Jorge Javier, very angry with Alba Carrillo, lost the papers live

But Lucía Pariente refused to leave the set claiming that she was not lying :. “I have not lied and I am not going to leave the set, because I have not lied.” But Jorge was beside himself and refused to continue the program if Pariente did not leave his chair: “I’m up to the hell of your apologies, to the street ! And if not, today the winner is not proclaimed. We’ve been putting up with a lot already, man. Lucia, I told you to leave the set,” she insisted.

“You and your daughter are the most ungrateful and false people in the world.”

After the publicity, in which Lucia was expelled from the set, Jorge Javier addressed some harsh words to Alba Carrillo, looking at the camera:

I do not know if tomorrow you will have a program or not, but be careful because we are fed up ”, he repeated. “Do you know? And here already none of the little games, don’t ever name me, in agreement? Do not use foul play against this program by lying and sowing doubts. !Be careful! As my Mila Ximénez would say: ‘I don’t threaten, I execute!” he threatened.

Alba does not fall down before Jorge Javier Vázquez and accuses him of sexist violence

Although Jorge Javier Vázquez warned the collaborator of “Ya es Mediodia” to be “careful with what you write on Twitter, we are already fed up”, the ex of Fonsi Nieto has not remained silent and, surprisingly, has brought out sexist violence to denounce the attack suffered at the hands of the star presenter of Telecinco.

Always women? Always mothers? Ladies, You have to be quiet and let yourself be humiliated. A docuserie will come later that talks about sexist violence and will clean everything up,” she wrote.

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