The iPhone 14 Pro could have 8 GB of RAM. What about the other models of this new generation?

If we compare compared to Android smartphones, iPhones have less RAM. And besides, the iPhone 13 Pro, which has 6 GB of RAM, is to date the iPhone that has the most. All of this could change with the arrival of the iPhone 14 Pro, a range that could benefit from 8 GB of RAM. Here’s what we think we know.

The iPhone 14 Pro could have 8 GB of RAM

Haitong International Securities analyst Jeff Pu explains in a research note obtained by MacRumors that Cuprtino’s firm could equip its iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max with 8 GB of RAM. There is no mention in this note of the other models in the range.

In other words, it is possible, either that Apple maintains the 4 GB of RAM that we find in the iPhone 13, or that the brand at the apple makes them go to 6 GB to be on par with the iPhone 13. Pro.

What about the other models of this new generation?

Now, on paper, 8 GB of RAM is still relatively small compared to the Android smartphone market, some models of which have 12 GB.

That being said, to Apple’s credit, it should be noted that the company controlling the hardware and the software of its iPhones, even with 8 GB of RAM, the experience remains perfectly fluid and pleasant insofar as the software is fully optimized. And developers must constantly work with these “limitations”.

That being said, Apple significantly increased the RAM in its new iPad Pro a few months ago, arriving at 16 GB. It’s hard to know why the iPhone is not entitled to it too. The choices of the Cupertino company are sometimes quite difficult to define.

Still, we should have more details about these iPhone 14s as we move through the year 2022, until their official launch at the end of the year.

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