TikTok is the most visited site of 2021, ahead of Google

TikTok is the most visited site of 2021, ahead of Google

TikTok is the most viewed site of 2021. The social platform steals the top spot from Google

If you need to search the internet for anything, chances are your first instinct is to go through Google. It is for this reason that it would not be surprising to learn that Google could be the most visited site in the world in a year.

That being said, 2021 has, it seems, been a special year, or is it a sign of a real turning point, as, according to a report by Cloudflare analyzing their own data, TikTok was visited more than Google in this year 2021.

TikTok is the most visited site of 2021

Yes, you read that right. The social platform on which users post funny or not funny videos, with or without music, took first place from Google in the ranking of the most visited sites in 2021.

Among the other sites in this ranking by Cloudflare, we find many big names in tech, like Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, YouTube, Twitter and WhatsApp, all in the top 10 most visited domains over the past year.

Social platform steals top spot from Google

What’s interesting about this report is that, again according to Cloudflare data, in 2020 TikTok only ranked at number seven. In other words, the platform has made a giant leap, it is the case to say it, to come and take all these places. A very nice achievement in terms of growth and popularity.

Another interesting point, TikTok did not go far from falling into the twists and turns of the internet, into oblivion, so to speak.

Remember, in 2020, some were proposing that TikTok be banned, outright in the United States, simply because its parent company is a Chinese company and this posed a number of security concerns for American citizens. For a short while, there had even been talk of Microsoft buying TikTok from ByteDance, but that ultimately didn’t happen.

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