The Puerto Rican presenter Adamari Lopez has transformed and upgraded everything in her Miami home, Fla. Now she showed the garage, which she started tidying up a few months ago and is already in perfect condition.

López began the arrangements for this space in the house in August of this year and by that time shared a video in which she and her daughter Alaïa are seen having fun with some of the objects they find.

It should also be noted that the Puerto Rican was not alone in the process of organizing the garage, but rather hired the services of Cindy Huzenman and her company Cindyology.

She was in charge of classifying the objects, evaluating their condition and possible future use, distributing all the material in plastic boxes and storing them in large shelves with doors.

During the video sharing on networks you can also see that Adamari López is passionate about gift wrap and bags, since an entire shelf is occupied by this material, including ties.

Another of the shelves is occupied by suitcases of different sizes, since it must be remembered that the presenter usually travels.

This reorganization of the garage adds to many other arrangements that López has made in her home after her separation from dancer Toni Costa.

A few weeks ago she also said that she had surprised Alaïa, her daughter, with a transformation in her room.

In turn, she has made arrangements on the outside of the house she has extensive green areas, swimming pool, pergola, barbecue area, a large game house and many other ideal spaces to enjoy with friends and family.

After sharing the final video of his garage, the media reported that Adamari López had traveled to Spain to meet her ex-mother-in-law and to find the perfect dress for Alaïa’s first communion.

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