Recently, a new doll that promises to dethrone the iconic Chucky doll as the most diabolical doll, whose name is M3gan, and today we will let you know all the details about it.

The truth is that Chucky is one of the horror movie characters of most famous in the world, for the fact that despite how terrifying many people have been, they are fond of the character because of the scares it caused them when they were a child.

It is for this reason that a film has opted for the same theme in which the dolls come to life and end up harming humans, so the launch of the trailer by M3gan has left everyone on the internet terrified.

As you may know, October is the month dedicated to horror, which is why many production companies have decided to release their films or show previews of them.

An example of this is the movie Terrifier 2 whose premiere caused vomiting in the United States or M3gan the film that we will talk about next.

It should be noted that this film has shown its first trailer and is breaking the internet, the plot of the film centers around Cady, a girl who has recently lost her parents in an accident, so she has to live with her aunt, Gemma, who is developing a toy prototype so that children never feel alone.


For this, she has designed the M3gan doll, a very realistic toy that is programmed to be the ideal companion for children and an ally for parents who is capable of observing, listening and learning while becoming a friend, teacher and playmate of the children you care for.

It’s because of that Ramon that when Gemma unexpectedly becomes Cady’s legal guardian, Gemma doesn’t know what to do, as she doesn’t feel ready to be a mother figure, so she decides to link her prototype to Cady in an attempt to solve both problems; however, she soon discovers that her decision will bring many unintended consequences.

On the other hand, there is a horror movie which has caused quite a stir on Twitter after its theatrical release in the United States; is a macabre sequel.

Through Twitter, users have reacted to the scenes of that film, since “Terrifier 2” is a rather macabre story that has impacted viewers and it was last Thursday, October 4, that Damien Leone unveiled the sequel to that movie.

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