The actor who plays Maurizio Gucci has given an interview to ‘Entertainment Weekly’, where he has talked about what it was like to shoot with the singer.

In the world of cinema, many are the films that arrive to sweep the cinemas, and the last of them is ‘House of Gucci’, a production directed by Ridley Scott that promises, and a lot, with a cast full of stars like Jared Leto , Adam Driver and Lady Gaga, among others.

In fact, this film brings with it Lady Gaga, who plays Patrizia Reggiani, Maurizio Gucci’s wife , played by Adam Driver, one of the great attractions of the film and one of the names that has been catching the most relevance in Hollywood recently. A couple who have had to share different scenes from the shoot, including some of a sexual nature.

Very comfortable in these scenes

It was precisely these sexual scenes that the actor spoke about in an interview with ‘Entertainment Weekly’ . “In the film [Patrizia] uses sex as a tool, and I feel that it physically embodies what is happening between them, ” he began by pointing out.

“He is emotionally insipid, but his life is not so passionate and that is what she has given him. We try to lock it in our mind as we would for any other action scene , then I think we shot it one or two more times. And that was it! “, He added, referring to his role.

” We were feeling it so to speak! Everything you say may seem like it has a double meaning, but, we praise you . I will also say that at one point, we had already been recording for a month, so we were already very comfortable to get there. as far as necessary “, he concluded.

Some scenes that complete a story that tells how was the murder of Maurizio Gucci on March 27, 1995 , the heir-grandson of Guccio Gucci. An event orchestrated precisely by Patrizia Reggiani, who wanted to perceive her share of the inheritance. Regarding the film, we will have to wait until November 26 to see it.

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