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Britney Spears charges Christina Aguilera and fuels an old rivalry

The singer, who has recently regained ‘freedom’ after more than a decade subjected to legal guardianship, reproaches her partner for the lack of support.

In the case of Britney Spears (39), mainly because of her almost endless personal problems, while Christina Aguilera (40) was simply giving way to new generations of artists who, like Lady Gaga, had been going strong a couple of decades ago.

In any case, that rivalry also moved to the personal terrain and now the controversy has been stoked . And it is that Britney Spears has hit Christina Aguilera through her Instagram profile this Friday, comparing her “silence” about the fight to regain her ‘freedom’ with lying.

“I love and adore everyone who supported me … but refusing to speak when you know the truth is equivalent to a lie !”, Spears wrote about Aguilera’s statements in the framework of the Latin Grammy Awards. “13 years in a corrupt and abusive system, but why is it such a difficult topic for people to talk about?”

And the thing is, Aguilera, following the indications of her representative, refused to answer when she was questioned about the situation of her partner. “I can’t talk about it,” before adding, ” but I’m happy for her! ” A behavior that annoyed Britney Spears.

Mind you, Aguilera has previously supported Spears’ efforts to free herself from the nearly 14-year guardianship that she controlled virtually her entire life. “It is unacceptable that any woman, or human being, who wishes to be in control of her own destiny is not allowed to live life as she wishes,” she said in a statement in June.

In any case, Aguilera’s refusal to comment on the matter infuriated Spears. “ I am the one who has been through that . To everyone who has spoken and supported me, thank you. I do matter ”, the singer concluded, who for example has been recently moved by some words that Lady Gaga has dedicated to her. There seem to be old wounds that never heal.

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