Rafa Blas

What happened to Rafa Blas, the first winner of ‘La Voz’ in Spain?

The musical ‘talent show’, which is experiencing a great moment, had a surprising winner in its first edition in Spain with Bisbal, Melendi, Rosario Flores and Malú as coaches.

Rafa Blas broke the door down in the first edition of the musical talent show that was held in Spain. It was 2012 and the Albacete, born 35 years ago in the district of Isso (Hellín), surprised the judges at the casting with his torrent of metal voice interpreting AC/DC’s Highway to Hell . Finally, he swelled the ranks of David Bisbal’s team and starred in some of the most memorable performances in the history of the contest.

On the back of songs like It’s My Life (Bon Jovi), The Final Countdown (Europe) , Livin ‘on a Prayer (Bon Jovi), The Show Must Go On (Queen) or the remembered duet that he starred with his coach singing Son of the moon (Mecano) conquered friends and strangers and won the final victory ‘La Voz’.

Ahead, a promising path was looming after having tried his luck in some groups in his land (Matavys, Nocturnia) and having earned his living in the Havana orchestra where he spent a year performing throughout Spain. In 2013, he released his solo debut album ‘My voice’ with relative success and in 2015 he returned to the fray with ‘Without looking back’, which went more unnoticed than its predecessor.

However, in recent years the musician has combined the release of some singles with numerous performances and has tried to relaunch his career by returning to the medium that gave him his best chance. And it is that in 2016, it was presented to another Telecinco musical contest, ‘Get up All Stars!’ (2016) with Mayka Barbero , while shortly after he wanted to apply to participate in Eurovision.

Controversy in Eurovision

His goal was to be the Spanish representative in the 2017 edition, but his candidacy was surrounded by controversy since the singer himself denounced that in the preliminary selection phase it was already known who would be chosen and that his proposal was not taken into account by having been submitted after the deadline. “They made up a nonsense news story,” the Albacete man said at the beginning of 2017 in relation to the news that also emerged, accusing him of not wanting to sing in Spanish, something that the musician denied.

In any case, after that, the winner of ‘La Voz’ did not give up his attempt to succeed again in a ‘talent show’ and this same year we have been able to see him in ‘Top Star’ , the space presented by Jesús Vázquez in which Isabel Pantoja, Mexican actress Danna Paola and Risto Meijide acted as ‘mentors’.

The space passed without pain or glory for the audience, as did Rafa Blas not succeed despite the excellent interpretation of Stay with me , the song by Pastora Soler with which, curiously, he defended Spain in 20120 at Eurovision. Whims of fate. However, the singer from Albacete, who continues to offer concerts, will wait for a new opportunity to shine. Talent is not lacking.

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