A professional, Celia Lora shows off huge beauties in a mini top

A professional, Celia Lora shows off huge beauties in a mini top

Beautiful mexican model Celia Lora shares new important content on her official Instagram profile, so it’s a perfect way to invite her followers to subscribe to her OnlyFans platform by sharing a sneak peek of what they’ll find there.

On this occasion the famous daughter of Alex Lora was sharing with us one of the most recent professional photo sessions she has done, one she did in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the place where she had the opportunity of the 60s of the cameras in a top so small that her charms ended up shining immediately, it was quite a show that managed to attract enough attention from her public and new users.

The photo managed to gather more than 37,000 “likes” in a few hours, it is a successful result, an image that became quite a spectacle and that continues to be enjoyed by thousands of people who also take the time to leave it a nice comment.

Compliments, compliments and declarations of love are the messages that are most commonly found in this section, without a doubt a perfect place to express yourself and keep the faithful audience happy, who do not detach themselves from their different profiles.

In the image we can see that the famous woman was looking directly at the camera with that conquering look that characterizes her, while her figure was captured in this black and white snapshot that showed us her professionalism and above all her commitment to continue producing images of excellent quality.

Her charms were the protagonists, she has a figure that fascinates Internet users and that is why she has had the opportunity to become one of the most important models in all Mexico getting covers in different magazines, collaborations with brands, among other things.

Celia Lora / Instagram
Celia Lora shares a professional photo as a sample of her great work.

Celia Lora has also recently had the opportunity to attend several concerts through her Instagram stories, since the world situation allowed us to return to normality, she has taken advantage of the situation and of course has also shared it with us.

Right there, she has also shared some of her adventures with us, outings that she takes advantage of to record with her cell phone, allowing those admirers to also accompany her to multiple events, restaurants, establishments, maintaining their direct communication.

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