SHEIN launches a new reselling platform. What is it?

SHEIN launches a new reselling platform, what is it?

Recently, it was revealed that the store SHEIN had launched a new online resale platform, which is for products of your brand that have been previously purchased.

The new feature, called “Shein Exchange“, simplifies the reselling process by making it easy for sellers to list their items through a simple interface that includes previous SHEIN purchases.

It also promotes the advantages of buying clothes from second hand versus buying new items.

The platform, created in collaboration with Treet, is currently available to all US customers and is scheduled to be expanded to other markets globally in the coming year.

“At Shein, we believe it is our responsibility to build a fashion future that is equitable for all, while accelerating solutions to reduce textile waste,” said Adam Whinston, Global Head of ESG at Shein.

The goal of Shein Exchange, they say, is to make reselling as easy and convenient as buying something new while at the same time starting a cultural movement of circularity within our own SHEIN community.

“We’re calling on our community to mobilize and keep the clothes you’ve already owned in circulation for as long as possible. Leveraging the reach and influence of our growing community, we believe resale buying can become the new normal for our industry,” he said.

It is important to mention that the company which has been criticized for its poor labor practices and fast fashion waste issues, has said the pilot project is part of its broader commitment to tackle current textile waste issues and build a fashion future that be more circular.

In addition, the platform also follows the launch of groups of Facebook and community-created social platforms, where SHEIN fans have communicated their interest in resale destinations where they can buy and sell previously purchased SHEIN products.

On the other hand, it was recently revealed that SHEIN will have to pay a multi-million dollar fine for not notifying its clients that someone stole their data.

The fine has been imposed on Zoetop, SHEIN’s parent company, and applies only to cases where New York resident users were not notified.

The security incident was not properly reported, according to a notice from the state attorney general’s office, previously reported by Techcrunch.

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