The Donut chain Krispy Kreme to conduct a small test of operations at nine McDonald’s locations in Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding area.

In a statement, it was reported that Donuts to be sold at fast food outlets include original frosting, chocolate frosting and raspberry filling. Varieties will be available all day through drive-thru as well as in restaurants.

The Donuts that will be served will be delivered fresh to the restaurants each day. These can be ordered by customers individually or in packages of six pieces of one or more specialties.

The Donut company said that this is the first association that it makes with the fast food giant in the United States.

McDonald’s said it frequently conducts such programs to make future decisions about new items to include on their menu.

“This small-scale test will help us understand how offering new bakery items like Krispy Kreme could affect our restaurant operations.” It said.

The news comes after McDonald’s announced some recent launches such as the return of its Happy Meals buckets for Halloween, and after the success generated with the Happy Meal for adults in collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea Market, which caused a furore among consumers, by degree that the product sold out earlier than planned.

On the other hand, Krispy Kreme recently launched a variety of Donuts with pumpkin flavors for the fall season. It also put together a special edition Donut in recent weeks in honor of NASA’s Artemis mission.

The Donut chain has moved further into intensifying its distribution strategy with a “hub-and-spoke” model, which has its largest stores function as factories that ship Donuts daily to smaller stores, as well as supermarket kiosks and stations of service. This model led to the closing of 10 stores in the country recently.

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