Marilyn Manson continues to accumulate complaints against him as this Friday a former couple sued the singer in Los Angeles County Superior Court for rape and abuse.

According to the documents obtained by the portal IS! News, a woman who identified herself as “Jane Doe” in the document, she alleged that she and Brian Warner, the musician’s real name, began a relationship after meeting at a Grammys party in 2011.

In this she also describes that the relationship began with the consensus of both, but over time the interpreter became controlling and abusive. The document described that Manson withheld food, demanded that she be naked, and punished her if she didn’t answer his calls.

The alleged victim explained that Manson began to exhibit aggressive sexual behavior and to demand sex from her at all hours of the night. She also said that he forced her to perform oral sex on him and in another incident she also claimed that Manson pushed her to the ground and raped her, after the attack, she claimed that the interpreter said he could kill her and “get away with it.”

A former couple sued the singer in Los Angeles County Superior Court for rape and abuse (Photo: REUTERS / Danny Moloshok)

The lawsuit added that Manson showed the woman a video showing a teenage girl being abused by Manson and his bandmates. In the recording, the singer allegedly forced the young woman to drink urine, was tied to a chair and threatened her life, so the document indicates that she was concerned that the young woman was still alive.

A source close to Manson told NBC News that the described video was written. A representative of Manson’s team strongly denied the woman’s allegations.

“The actress in the film was an adult who had also appeared in a previous music video called ‘The Long Hard Road Out of Hell.’ The scripted short was meant to be an additional video for an upcoming album release, but it was never released,” he stated.

This accusation was in addition to the arrest warrant issued by the police department within New Hampshire for assaulting a camerawoman in 2019.

On Tuesday it was also revealed that the musician has a warrant for his arrest in New Hampshire (Photo: Richard Shotwell / Invision / AP)

This Tuesday in a statement on its Facebook account, the Gilford Police Department announced that it has an active arrest warrant for the 52-year-old man on two counts of simple assault misdemeanor involving an alleged incident with a videographer in the Bank of New Hampshire flag. According to him, it all happened at a concert on August 19, 2019.

According to the letter, the singer has known about the arrest warrant for a while, but has made no effort to respond.

Mr. Warner, his agent and legal counsel have been aware of the warrant for some time and have made no effort to return to New Hampshire to answer the pending charges. The cameraman had been subcontracted by an NH-based company to record the concert and was located in the pit area of ​​the stage when the alleged assaults occurred,” the department explained.

People magazine interviewed two attendees of the concert, as well as a security guard, who said they saw the interpreter spit and throw his snot at the woman while she was working.

Several concert goers witnessed the singer's alleged attacks (Photo: Scott Wintrow / AFP)

“He was spitting all over the place and one time he appeared on her camera, so she wiped herself off and looked irritated. He realized this and kept spitting on purpose in his chamber. I think his last straw is that he dropped to the ground, got 2 or 3 feet (less than a meter) from her and launched a giant snot rocket at her, not at the camera. She was angry and upset, so she stormed off and he laughed,” said an attendee.

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