This Monday may 31, the actress will fulfill 59 years. Nevertheless Victoria Ruffo had a couple of previous festivities to the important date in the company of her family and friends.

The first was next to Maribel Guardia, whose date of birth is celebrated on May 29, since they both have their birthday in the same month, they met last friday to share a piece of cake, they both posted a recording on Instagram where they talked about their experiences.

“Celebrating birthday with my beloved Victoria. Mine, tomorrow 29 and hers on 31 “, mentioned the soap opera actress as Italian girl comes to get married, later they made various jokes about wrinkles that let you see the passage of time.

Victoria Ruffo and Maribel Guardia have very close birthdays (Photo: Instagram / @ maribelguardia)

Victoria Ruffo and Maribel Guardia have very close birthdays.

“We are very happy with the wrinkles that are coming out because they are full of history, of joys, of tears but all they have made us better people and value life better, ” said Maribel guard, who turned 62 years old last May 29. Although she was hoping that her dear friend Ruffo second her idea, she laughed and expressed that he did not share the idea:

“She is happy with her wrinkles, not me!”exclaimed the actress of Crown of tears, later Maribel guard She clarified that they had to hide it because she did not feel comfortable with the passage of time on her face.

Between the messages that the actresses received from their fans, you can read comments such as “Congratulations to both” and “Pair of beautiful. God bless you.”

In the social network, her publications were also commented on by other personalities of the show, Africa Zavala wrote “Beautiful, happy birthday! I love them” while the singer Yuridia express “Beautiful always.”

This is the photograph that José Eduardo Derbez shared about his mother's celebration (Photo: Instagram / @ jose_eduardo92)

This is the photograph that José Eduardo Derbez shared about his mother’s celebration.

Later, on Saturday, May 29, Victoria Ruffo’s son with Eugenio Derbez organized a meeting and shared the photograph of the moment with his followers “Starting to celebrate my mom’s birthday! I love you”, wrote on his Instagram account José Eduardo Derbez.

At the meeting he was present Marcela ruffo, sister of this actress, who recalled that in 2020 they could not be seen due to the pandemic of COVID-19 and had to celebrate the anniversary in video call:

“A year ago for FaceTime and today in 2021 starting to celebrate @victoriaruffo31. May life always give us these moments together! I love you! And to continue celebrating your life! ”Marcela wrote on her social networks.

For their part, Victoria Ruffo fans placed congratulations for the actress on Twitter using the hashtag #WeContigoQueen, where they wrote good wishes and expressed their admiration for the work she has done over the years.

Televisa confirmed production of the second part of Corona de Lágrimas (Photo: Las Estrellas)

Televisa confirmed production of the second part of Corona de Lágrimas.

Last Thursday, in a meeting with the press, Victoria Ruffo shared that she will be back soon at TV soaps with the second part of one of his most famous television roles: Shelter, in Crown of tears. This same information was confirmed by Televisa through their social networks.

Ruffo is one of the actresses whose return to the small screen is most expected since she took a break in 2019, said before the cameras of journalist Edén Dorantes that the planning of the project has already begun with José Alberto “Güero” Castro for the second part that would start airing in 2022.

“Corona de Lágrimas 2, is continuity, with my children, Mane (de la Parra), Alejandro (Nones) and José María (Torre) who also miss them a lot and we will do it next year. It was planned to do it since last year but with the pandemic it was canceled and this year also with this of LU and other projects will be canceled next year ”, revealed the actress.

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