Among the eShop offers it is possible to find real bargains at bargain prices. This time we have selected 10 great games for less than 10 euros, of genres as varied as horror adventures, puzzles or platforms, so that everyone can find something to have fun with this weekend.

One more weekend we bring you the best Nintendo Switch game deals, in case bad weather does not invite you to go out or, directly, you want to take advantage of this weekend (longer in any community) by releasing a new game for little money. So what better than some recommendations for deals for Nintendo Switch ?

That is why today we leave you with 10 great Nintendo Switch games on offer for less than € 10 for all tastes: platforms, role playing, GTA-style adventures, terror … Variety in every way, but they are also on offer, at very attractive prices, always below 10 euros, do you want to know what they are? Let’s take a look at the list then.

Amnesia collection

One of the best survival horror of the past decade, developed by the indie studio Frictional Games ( SOMA ). You will have to survive without weapons, with a character terrified of the dark and in the face of enemies who will kill you just by looking at you. On offer in eShop for € 8.39 .

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

It would be strange if you did not know this J-RPG classic,  Final Fantasy VIII Remastered , the return with technical improvements of the title released by SquareSoft in 1999 for PlayStation. You can read our review of the game , but if you want to get this classic JRPG of turn-based combat, now is a good time since it is in eShop for € 9.99 .

Shakedown Hawaii

What you’re already seeing makes the classic look of the original GTAs a bit unclear in 16-bit flair, but  Shakedown Hawaii is even crazier than that. Releasing on Wii and Wii U last year , you take three protagonists through an open world full of missions, side missions, arcade challenges … All for € 9.99 on Nintendo eShop . And translated into Spanish.


If you haven’t met Horace yet , it’s a platform video game with a story that everyone who tries it will love. Created by just two people, it is more than 15 hours that expands the genre with nostalgic references to pop culture, all for € 8.99 on eShop .

Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is an indie multiplayer roguelike action title, with a proposal in which no game will be the same. Stages, enemies, bosses, and items are random. ¿ Interested ? Take advantage of the eShop since for € 9.99 it can be yours.

Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles is a tactical J-RPG developed and published by SEGA that also made its way to Switch . It is the year 1935 CE and the European continent has been submerged in the Second European War where the Empire and the Atlantic Federation fight to seize the power of ragnite. On sale for only € 7.99 in eShop .

Rigid Force Redux

Rigid Force Redux was dubbed the spiritual heir to the popular R-Type , but also the newest title in the side-scrolling shooter genre. Rigid Force Redux is the improved console version of Rigid Force Alpha  and as you can imagine the doses of bullet hell are guaranteed. Right now you have it on sale for € 9.99 through eShop .

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is a shooter-tinged third-person action game , a direct sequel to Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast . As Jaden Korr, Kyle Katarn’s Padawan, we studied in the Jedi Order , fulfilling Katarn and Luke Skywalker missions across the galaxy. It is another of the games on sale for € 9.99 in eShop .

The Hong Kong Massacre

The Hong Kong Massacre is an action game developed by VRESKI  and with certain similarities to Hotline Miami , starting with its overhead or aerial view. The Hong Kong Massacre is a revenge story that we will play as if from an Asian action cinema with shots, effects (sparks, explosions) and blood at a frenetic pace . If this Swedish indie caught your attention, another € 9.99 is what it costs on sale in eShop .

Picross S5

Picross S5  is the new installment of the crossword puzzle game where you have to follow the clues given by the numbers to complete a picture. The saga returned to Nintendo Switch with almost 500 different puzzles , a gift for the puzzle lover. In eShop for € 8.99 until May 5.

Bonus: Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2

As a finishing touch, we leave you with two great games from the Resident Evil saga , in case the monkey of playing Resident Evil Village can. These are Resident Evil Revelations and  Resident Evil Revelations 2 . The first originally released on Nintendo 3DS , it sits between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 , while the second is a direct sequel to the latter. Of course, now both are available for Nintendo Switch for € 7.99 each, and the second with local cooperative …


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