Square Enix’s strategy title will be released in early 2022 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Direct that everyone was waiting for has finally arrived. Those from Kyoto have waited until late September to reveal their surprises, which we have collected minute by minute in MeriStation. Square Enix’s Project Triangle was announced some time ago, but now its release date has finally been confirmed. Through a new trailer, those from Kyoto have revealed that the title will be available from March 4, 2022 .

As seen in the trailer, the game uses a visual style very similar to that of Octopath Traveler , with two-dimensional graphics, detailed sprites, and beautiful settings. It is possible to move the camera and enjoy a strategy-based combat system. Long ago, users had the opportunity to try a demo to experiment with its various systems.

Splatoon 3, another of the games of the future for Nintendo Switch

Splatoon 3 will receive a new region known as Tintelia , a place with very harsh and hostile weather conditions, something that does not prevent the Inkling and Octarians from wandering around the area to enjoy its rich culture. This territory, alien to Cromopolis, is a popular place for these two species. The development of the city, meanwhile, was boosted after the Final Fest concluded, a fact that shows that the events of Splatoon 3 take place after the second installment.

One of the elements that will return is the Territory Battles , which will work, in essence, the same as before. In other words, whoever paints the scene with the most paint will be victorious. Of course, there is a difference with respect to the previous installment. On this occasion, the battles will also move to the wild areas surrounding Tintelia.

The Splatoon saga was born on Wii U , but the sales failure of the machine prevented the saga from fully developing. That did not stop Nintendo from trusting her, so she raised a new installment for her next console, Nintendo Switch. Splatoon 2 triumphed and the Japanese have not hesitated to design a third installment, which closes a trilogy in which players can enjoy an explosive shooter with a very fun online multiplayer.

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