Beirut, February 11 A United Nations humanitarian aid convoy arrived in opposition areas of northwestern Syria on Saturday through a border crossing with Turkey, in the third shipment since Monday’s earthquake and the first with specific supplies for people affected by the earthquake. .

Driven by a truck bearing the logo of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the vehicles that make up the convoy arrived this afternoon at the Bab al Hawa crossing point, which connects the Syrian province of Idlib , in northwestern Turkey, according to sources consulted by EFE who they are instead.

At least eight of them contain medical equipment, while the rest have tents and other goods on board.

It is the third UN cargo to enter Bab al Hawa since the first earthquake struck early Monday morning, after another 20 trucks arrived over the past two days, mostly loaded with tents, mats, warm clothes and other non-food items.

According to sources on the spot, the new convoy would be the first that the rebel areas receive with specific assistance for earthquakes, since the two previous ones contained generic supplies whose transport was already planned before the tragedy and whose expedition been delayed by the same.

Opposition-held areas of Idlib and Aleppo provinces can only be directly accessed across the Turkish divide, although the UN has also carried out once-a-month shipments from Syrian areas in the hands of the Bashar government to Asad.

The World Health Organization (WHO) Emergency Director for the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Richard Brennan, today announced at a press conference that the UN is working to increase aid to these regions from Turkey and from Syria, through which they hope to enter medical equipment and food as soon as they receive the “green light”. EFE


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