High School Musical 4

Is there a release date for High School Musical 4? TikTok confuses fans

A TikTok video confused fans of “High School Musical” as it convinced them that a release date for “High School Musical 4” had been confirmed. Here’s the lowdown on the movie and the viral video.

“High School Musical” became one of the most viewed Disney films after its 2006 release. After this, two more installments of the film were released. The actors even got together again to celebrate 10 years of “High School Musical.” On March 23, fans speculated that Part 4 of the film could be released soon due to a video from TikTok.

Is there a release date for High School Music 4?

If you Google “High School Musical 4,” the first thing that comes up is: “High School Musical 4: East Meets West”. Google will convince you that a quarter will come out. To add to this, outlets like El cinéfilo and Los seventente have written articles on “HSM 4.”

However, HSM 4 is not produced. Zac Efron, who played Troy Bolton, has confirmed that he is done with the role. In an interview he mentioned : “I take a step back and look at myself and I still want to kick this guy’s butt sometimes. Like, fuck this guy. He did cool things with cool people, he did that [Neighbors] It was funny, but I mean he’s still the fucking musical kid from high school.

High School Musical 4 TikTok

On March 23, the buzz around ‘HSM 4’ resumed after a TikTok user @tijani__ posted a trailer for it. The video said, “I think we all need to reboot.” So far, the video has received 4.3 million views. There is no doubt that the video looks promising and will fool everyone.

Unfortunately, the trailer was a collection of movie videos in which the actors had appeared. The original video was produced by SLUURP TV and uploaded to YouTube.

The user had also done part 2 for the same thing. So far, the second video has received more than 47 thousand views. While both videos suggest that an “HSM 4” movie would be a hit, it doesn’t seem like the cast is ready to return.

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