Among the most popular genres of the seventh art we can undoubtedly find suspense , a category in which Netflix has a lot to offer. The film industry around the planet develops countless scripts that play with the mystery and fear of the viewer because it is known that it is usually a successful formula .

That is why in the streaming giant’s catalog you can find a huge number of films of this popular genre. So, if you like feature films in which tension is the protagonist, you will surely enjoy this list that will make it easier for you to decide which title to play.

The coincidence would have it that today’s selection was about three films that were released in 2019. So there is a good chance that you have missed one and this weekend may be the ideal time.

Here we go.

3 Netflix movies with suspense


The director Brad Anderson was at the forefront of this story in which the viewer is constantly questioned , since he has deceptive mental games in which we do not know with certainty if what is happening is real or only the imagination of the protagonist. Sam Worthington plays a man who is traveling by car with his family until an accident leaves them in the hospital. There his wife and daughter disappear and despair begins.

Secret obsession

The title gives us an idea of ​​what can happen to the protagonist, a recently married woman who is run over and when she wakes up in the hospital she does not remember her past, not even the accident or her husband, Russell . It is he who cares for her unconditionally until dark intentions begin to reveal themselves. The only hope of the protagonist will be the detective who is in charge of the case, whose determination will be fundamental.

I see you

A 10-year-old man mysteriously disappears while riding his bike through the forest. Greg Harper , the detective in charge of the case, must also face the infidelity of his wife and the rebellion of his son, while he learns of an enigmatic presence that lurks in his own home and that triggers a series of strange events in his family.

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