He is the fourth expelled from culinary talent after Tamara, Samantha Hudson and Vanesa Romero

Yotuel, one of the favorite contestants of MasterChef Celebrity, was expelled last night, in the fourth program, for lack of sugar in the dessert. “What did it cost you to put a pound of chocolate on top of that tasteless sponge cake? It is more or less juicy, but it does not have any flavor,” Jordi Cruz reproached the Cuban artist and the singer’s partner Beatriz Luengo.

This is the fourth expulsion of the sixth edition of Masterchef after that of Tamara, Samantha Hudson and Vanesa Romero.

Yotuel’s expulsion left the rest of the contestants speechless. The singer reached elimination with two other nominees, Victoria Abril and Terelu Campos and his expulsion left his teammates surprised. “You’re crazy? This is one of the best. What are we going to do without him?”, snapped Victoria Abril.

David Bustamante also showed his disappointment at the expulsion of his partner with whom he had cooked a stuffed salmon puff pastry as a couple in the initial test. “What do you say? I can not believe it. Oh my God! It is a stick that I did not expect at all. It is a terrible loss “.

At his farewell, Yotuel showed great chivalry: “I feel super lucky to have had the ‘Masterchef’ experience. I would have liked to stay a little longer and continue learning, but in life everything is for a reason. I will continue cooking because effort and perseverance triumph. I gave myself up. I gave it my all. Wasn’t it as expected? No problem. We continue. In life everything happens for a reason. Effort and perseverance triumph, I tell you, I come from the Metro. Nothing happens, we move on”, affirmed before Pepe Rodríguez.

After communicating his expulsion, social networks were filled with messages of “tongo” by the organization and asking for the “repechage now” of the Cuban singer.

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