The veteran actress assumed leadership in the second test and could not manage it: “I have been horrible, unpleasant and a bad person”

Veronica Forqué and Victoria April became captains yesterday in the outdoor test of the sixth edition of MasterChef Celebrity after being the best in an initial test in which the cooking of their dish could not exceed five euros.

Outside the set, the contestants visited the Royal Palace of Aranjuez and had to prepare a menu for one hundred of the best artists in the country. Tongue salad braised with mustard, herbs and soothed pumpkin seeds, and pheasant with toast of its pate and apricots in red wine were some of the dishes that were prepared by artists such as Ana Guerra, Abraham Mateo or Alfred Garcia.

Veronica Forqué led to Eduardo Navarrete, Arkano, Miki Nadal, Vanessa Romero, Iván Sánchez and Samantha Hudson; while Victoria April did the same with Yotuel, Belén López, Juanma Castaño, Carmina Barrios, Iantzi, Terelu and Bustamante.

Forqué directly lost the papers with an attitude that upset his teammates. She ordered in a despotic way and recriminated them. “You are very rebellious, how you can tell that they have sent you little.” She asked for calm while his screams caused chaos.

In the middle of the test, the chefs asked each of the groups to sentence one of its members to the pit. Victoria put on the black apron herself. Verónica, condemned Navarrete.

“You have made history in ‘Masterchef’, you have been the faithful reflection of the autocracy,” Pepe censured a Forqué who recognized her wrong doing as captain. I have been horrible, unfriendly and bad person,” she said.

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