Great shock at the saddest news in “MasterChef Celebrity 2”: “This moment is difficult”

Great shock at the saddest news in “MasterChef Celebrity 2”: “This moment is difficult”

” MasteChef Celebrity 2 ” becomes one of the most popular shows on Argentine television. Many viewers eagerly await the verdict of the jury and the reaction of its contestants, such as Alex Caniggia , Cande Vetrano , Gastón Dalmau and Claudia Fontán , among others. However, the cooking contest does not always bring joy, it also brings very hard moments. On this occasion, the cycle experienced a great shock at the saddest news: “This moment is difficult . 

In the elimination gala, it is decided each week which of the participants ends their stage in reality. By decision of the jury, the contestant who leaves the show this time is Fernando Carlos . The sports journalist did not cook the gnocchi as he would have liked and, therefore, he was left out. This is how the communicator became the sixth participant to leave the competition, after being among the worst dishes of the night.

Before the final verdict was known, Fernando spoke behind the study and acknowledged: “I think we were ahead of the 3 worst dishes. Amid great expectation, Damián Betular was the one who gave the scoop: “The cook who leaves the kitchens of ‘ MasterChef Celebrity 2 ‘ is Fernando. “I cooked badly, it was not good and I have to go,” said the eliminated before the cameras, after knowing the end of his participation in the show.

However, the parting turned sad. Donato de Santis dedicated some tender words to the expelled of the night: “You fought it very well, with a lot of humor, a lot of affection, always ready to listen to what we say. We will remember you, of course, with great affection. On the other hand, Damián Betular stated: “It costs a lot to fire participants like you who are so respectful, so polite, who at the same time have a good mood, a good partner … this moment is difficult for us.”

Finally, Germán Martitegui said: “As Santi says and as many of us think, this program has made many people’s lives happy, in this context that is so sad and it seems to me that you are an example of everything that needs to be done well. You are respectful, positive, you are much more than what you cook. It was a great joy to have you here ”. “This moment was very difficult for me and it is almost that a friend leaves,” said Santiago Del Moro. Will it be a final goodbye?

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