The model visited the set and sent a message to the Italian, whom she accused of gender violence a few months ago

After several months away from the spotlight, Antonia Dell’Atte has reappeared on television and has done so on MasterChef Celebrity 6. The model has gone to the set of the culinary talent show to try the contestants’ dishes and has also taken the opportunity to launch some zasca.

The model also recalled the accident she suffered in 2020 when an umbrella fell on her face, disfiguring it: “I lost 5 teeth and they put 85 stitches in my mouth.”

She has also addressed her ex-husband Alessandro Lequio whom she denounced last spring for gender violence.

“You had to get down on your knees and apologize to me first for mistreating me and to all the women you’ve fooled. You are indefensible! I have forgiven you a thousand times. To say that you have not been condemned! You have to thank me! Take a look inside yourself. Heal your aggressiveness, your violence. These things that he knows very well that I have been the architect of uniting the brothers and the father”, she sentenced.

Dell’Atte spoke yesterday of the importance of “apologizing” on the set of MasterChef Celebrity 6 ′ “If we make mistakes and ask for forgiveness, we are wiser”, she affirmed, in clear allusion to Lequio, before the attentive gaze of the contestants of the talent of La 1.

Dell’Atte also highlighted what is currently her main project: “Knowing how to retire on time,” she confessed. “Being away from some lights and living the greatest love of my life“. Is she in love again or was she talking about her son? “Nothing more can be said,” said the Italian, leaving an aura of mystery and intrigue behind her statements.

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