New York, Sep 13 – The Wall Street Stock Exchange closed this Tuesday with sharp falls on its worst day of the year and its main indicator, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, fell by almost 4%, after learning that the year-on-year rate of inflation in August in the United States fell less than expected, which points to a continuation of the aggressive policy of the US Federal Reserve (Fed).

At the close of trading on the New York Stock Exchange on what was the worst day of 2022 for the three main indices, the Dow Jones lost 3.94% or 1,276.37 points, to 31,104.97, while the selective The S&P 500 was down 177.72, or 4.32%, at 3,932.69.

For its part, the Nasdaq market composite index was the one that fell the most, 5.16% or 632.84 integers, to 11,633.57, since technology companies received the biggest blow because their shares are more sensitive to increases in prices. interest rates.

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