A huge controversy has been unleashed on the net after this Monday Britney Spears decided to publish a post that has left Christina Aguilera and her dancers in a bad light.

In the message, the 40-year-old blonde put a stamp quoting some words from Rodney Dangerfield that say: “I realized that there is only one way to look thin: go out with fat people.”

In her message – still visible this Tuesday afternoon – she said: “How I wish I could have chosen my children’s nannies…my dancers…I mean, if I had Christina Aguilera’s dancers I would look extremely little girl,” she said throwing the poisoned dart.

“Come on, why not talk about it?” Spears continued without taking her finger off the sore spot. “Don’t you think my self-confidence could have been better if I could have chosen where I lived, ate, who I called on the phone, who I dated, or who was on stage with me? Sometimes it’s hard now! I see how much of my femininity was taken away from me in that time and all the people just sat there and did nothing!!! I’ll be here talking about things that people NEVER SAY.”

IG/Britney Spears

IG/Britney Spears

On Instagram, the post logically had hundreds of thousands of “likes”, since it is about Britney and on that platform alone she has more than 42 million followers.

However, just over 24 hours after the comment was published, it already generated a wave of comments that exceeded 29,000 messages, many of them amazed at the nature of the post and noting that the message was “unnecessary” or simply asking the artist why. lash out at Xtina’s dancers.

“Uf, I love A Britt but this is in bad taste. It is not worth shaming someone for their body to make you feel better,” said a user of the platform while others claimed to have seen the dancers of the interpreter of “Genie in a Bottle” and finding “nothing wrong with her appearance”.

Between what are pears and apples according to The New York Post Aguilera would have stopped following Britney, oops!

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