According to the report of the American Automobile Association (AAA) in California, the price of fuel reached $5.79 dollars.

In its latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it showed that inflation stood at 3.7% as the Consumer Price Index increased 0.6% in the month of August, partly driven by high gasoline prices.

For this Wednesday, September 20, the price of fuel in the United States averaged $3.87 per gallon of regular grade, this represents a few digits higher compared to last week when it stood at $3.85.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) also published that mid-grade gasoline for this day is around $4.32 dollars, premium $4.66 dollars, Diesel $4.58 dollars and E85 $3.20 dollars.

Some states remain below average

Although in states such as Texas, Virginia and Maryland the price of regular grade gasoline is below average at $3.41 to $3.70, pump prices in other states may be becoming a headache for consumers.

Washington DC and New York also showed a rise in fuel prices this week to $3.92 in both states. However, towards the West Coast, the cost of gasoline has soared to within single digits of $6.

According to AAA’s report, the average price of a gallon of regular grade gasoline in the state of California is $5.79, in just one week it has increased by at least 31 cents.

OPEC’s aggressive cuts

However, prices are starting to be much higher towards the metro area when for the day this Wednesday they reached $6.07 dollars per gallon, this represents a rise of approximately 49 cents since last week.

In the last 10 months, U.S. oil prices had risen to nearly $94 before falling to $91 on Wednesday due to aggressive and surprise supply cuts by Saudi Arabia and Russia.

This increase in U.S. gasoline prices is weighing on the pockets of consumers who continue to struggle with high prices for food, utilities and rents, keeping the current cost of living in check.

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