Presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) unveiled a plan Wednesday (Sep 20, 2023) that he said aims to deliver gasoline at $2 per gallon in 2025. The current governor of Florida announced that, should he win the presidential elections, he would promote the use of hydrocarbons and nuclear energy, as he would renounce commitments to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.

Ron DeSantis, Republican candidate for the presidential elections next year, announced the energy plan he would promote if he were to reach the White House, and among the most important ones are the reduction of gasoline prices, the promotion of hydrocarbons, as well as nuclear energy, and the relegation of electric vehicles.

The current governor of Florida would reverse the nation’s commitments established with the great powers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero; on the other hand, he would put into operation more oil pipelines and would also make possible the extraction of hydrocarbons, coal, uranium and certain minerals on federal lands.

It would also seek to rejuvenate the nuclear power generation industry to benefit millions of Americans without requiring them to pay more money for electricity.

Based on these adjustments, he believes it is possible to reduce gasoline prices to $2 a gallon by 2025.

From Midland, Texas, the 44-year-old politician highlighted his focus on restoring energy independence to the most powerful nation in the Americas.

“As your president, I will restore our freedom to fuel. I will ensure that the United States of America is the dominant energy producer around the world. I will ensure that this country will never again have to rely on hostile nations for its energy needs,” he stressed.

According to data issued by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, although momentarily gasoline prices came down for brief periods under the Barack Obama and Donald Trump administrations, they have failed to remain stable below $2 since George W. Bush ruled the nation between 2001 and 2009, so DeSantis’ campaign promise would be a titanic task.

DeSantis would also reduce subsidies for electric vehicles, since withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement and the Global Methane Commitment would already require an accelerated push to produce cleaner cars.

It is worth noting that the proposals of the Florida governor come in the midst of a crisis in his campaign after the results of some polls show that Donald Trump is taking a bigger lead ahead of the Republican primaries.

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