will impose a 5 per cent fuel and inflation application for merchants who will sell their products in the United States on February 13.

It is Amazon ‘s first surcharge and begins to follow months of high salaries and expenses related to the company’s profit.

On April 28, Amazon will pay an average of 24 cents per unit for its store and merchandise through the Amazon FBA service.

The surcharge, not permanently, is a mechanism widely used among manufacturers of products in the chain of commerce, which he shared with Reuters.

The message said that we have received significant cost increases and absorbed as the impact of our partners can be reduced. In 2022 we expect a return to normalcy as covid 19 restrictions around the world were eased, but inflation and consumption have posed other challenges. Amazon did not announce a surcharge in the United States, its biggest market.

However, merchants can avoid the higher price by shipping products directly to customers, with many turning to FBA for choice in Amazon ‘s freight delivery club .

Amazon said its food delivery service still costs less than alternatives.

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