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A strong explosion was registered this Wednesday in a building in the center of Madrid, as reported by witnesses and local media.

The deflagration occurred minutes before three in the afternoon on Toledo Street in the Spanish capital, at the height of the La Paloma nursing home.

As a result of the explosion there is a building that is burning, numerous vehicles affected and elderly people are being evacuated by the Municipal and National Police. The last three floors of the building where the explosion occurred have collapsed. The building, located at number 98 Toledo street, is at the back of the Church of La Paloma, where there is also a school. Fire brigade units are arriving at the scene and have cut the street.

According to images published on social networks, the area is full of rubble and the explosion has broken the windows of the Ganivet hotel.

At the moment the causes of the deflagration and if there were people affected are unknown.

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