Where is Predator in Fortnite? Our Guide to the New Item

Where is Predator Optical Camouflage in Fortnite? Our Guide to the New Item

This morning, a new update appeared on Fortnite. With this, it’s a new item that has just appeared, the Predator Optical Camouflage. Let’s see how to find it, but also how it works.

Obtain the Predator Optical Camouflage

The first thing before you can use Predator‘s optical camouflage is of course to get your hands on it and for that, There are two solutions. The first is to kill a player who already has it and collect it from their corpse. But hey, it’s pretty random.

Otherwise, if you want to be sure you have it, you have to be the first to kill the Predator in-game. This one can be found in Stealthy Stronghold and can use its own camouflage to become invisible, so it can be difficult to track down.

Become invisible!

Once you have killed this boss, you will be able to recover its optical camouflage. Its operation is quite simple, you become invisible for 30 seconds with 30 seconds of cooldown and you are warned when there are only 5 seconds of invisibility left.

However, there are a few small quirks like the fact that if you swim or change weapons your camouflage stops. In addition, you are not entirely invisible and a nearby enemy could see you if they are ever paying attention to their surroundings. Finally, be aware that if a sight passes over you, it will change color even if you are invisible.

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