Bacarat Rouge 540

Baccarat Rouge 540: The most popular perfume in the world! Watch out – This is its cheaper fragrance twin

Real perfumes can be quite expensive. Just like the perfume “Bacarat Rouge 540” by Francis Kurdijan. Here you will find a cheaper alternative to the irresistible perfume that is currently being hyped. 

Before you leave the house in the morning, a spritz of your favorite perfume should not be missing? You are not alone in this. And often we don’t just have one fragrance, but several for the evening, for everyday life or for moments when you want to feel particularly self-confident – for every situation in life. An analysis of Google, TikTok and Instagram views revealed that the most popular perfume in the world  is Baccarat Rouge 540 . But that costs over 200 euros! If this is too expensive for you, but you still want to have the smell with you at all times, here is a cheap alternative – which is no less good.

“Baccarat Rouge 540” – Maison Francis Kurkdjian: What makes the fragrance special?

What exactly fascinates people about the expensive scent? Originally, only 250 of the red bottles labeled with gold were to be released. But the demand was so high that the manufacturers no longer limited production. The fragrance has top notes of jasmine, heart notes of saffron and base notes of cedarwood and amber. So the blend is floral with a woody undertone. It’s delicate and feminine, but the woody and saffron notes give the perfume a complexity so lacking in many other fragrances. But that also has its price – you can buy the “Baccarat Rouge 540” perfume from Douglas for 215 euros

The cheap alternative: “Beija Flor Elasti” cream – SOL DE JANEIRO

If that’s too expensive for you, but you still don’t want to miss out on the scent, here’s the good news: because the “Beija Flor Elasti” cream body lotion from SOL DE JANEIRO has a very similar scent. This is mainly due to the  Brazilian jasmine notes and the woody undertones . And the cream has even more advantages that a perfume cannot offer you:

  • Cacay oil  supports the skin’s renewal process.
  • Vegetable squalane moisturizes the skin and protects it from drying out.
  • Vegan collagen tightens the skin.

And best of all: the body lotion costs just around 25 euros on Amazon. No comparison to the price of the perfume. Especially if you want to test whether you like the scent and whether it suits you, you should try the body lotion.