Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar trick for beautiful fingernails – That’s why you should use it before the manicure

There are many hacks for beautiful fingernails – but do you already know the apple cider vinegar trick? Here we reveal how it can make your manicure last longer.

Who doesn’t know it: You’ve picked out a nail trend that you absolutely want to try, you apply the nail polish carefully and after a few days it already peels off again. All the trouble for nothing! So that your “Pink Ombré” fingernails , “Textured Tips” and Co. hold up better, there is a simple trick that makes the nail polish last longer. The magic word is: apple cider vinegar !

Apple cider vinegar ensures long-lasting nail polish

Apple cider vinegar is a popular home remedy that can be used in many ways. It helps you lose weight, prevents greasy hair and can even be used against pimples and pigment spots. From now on, the miracle cure should also be an integral part of your manicure! Why? Quite simply: before painting, apple cider vinegar removes old residue from the nail  – for example nail polish residue – and degreases the fingertips. In this way, the fingernails are optimally prepared for the manicure and the nail polish can later hold better thanks to the intensive cleaning. Another plus: apple cider vinegar is a natural home remedy, which does not contain any artificial ingredients. This will ensure that cuticles, skin and nails are not unnecessarily irritated when preparing for the manicure.

How to use apple cider vinegar before manicure

Apple cider vinegar is very easy to use. Remove your old design with the usual products. Then soak a cotton pad in some apple cider vinegar and dab it gently onto your nails until all residue is completely removed. Now you can apply a layer of base coat. Let them dry well and paint your fingernails in the color of your choice in the next step. How about the trend colors for 2023 , for example ? Metallic nail polishes will be particularly popular next year, but they’re also a great match for the upcoming holidays. Then seal everything with a layer of top coat to make the look last even longer.