Heaven from Hell: Jigokuraku“brought us closer in his early chapters of Gabimaru, a ninja sentenced to death who finds himself sent to a strange fantasy island with many other convicts. The goal? Find an elixir of eternal life that will grant an official pardon to whoever brings it back. One of the rivals that Gabimaru has already encountered is Yuzuriha, a kunoichi that has already become a source of inspiration for cosplayers.

Yuzuriha comes to life in one of Hell’s Paradise’s most spectacular cosplays: Jigokuraku

That being said, so I’ll leave you with Yuzuriha cosplay that the cosplayer has elaborated on this occasion yazbunnyy:

Yes on the cosplay in question I comment on the following:

  • To start, the cosplayer explains that this outfit took her a long time, but it’s now become her new favorite cosplay.
  • If everything is really handmade, I wouldn’t be surprised if wig styling was a nightmareWell, Yuzuriha’s hairstyle has many shades in its simplicity that it definitely takes time to ponder.
  • In case anyone is in doubt, Yuzuriha is a kunoichi from Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku that he hasn’t shown all his weapons in battle yet, but he has already made it clear that he knows how to use them perfectly his physical charms to get what he wants (Although that didn’t help a faithful married man like Gabimaru, let’s face it).

What is certain is that “Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku” has already featured two female characters, something not always common in this kind of action story.. Plus, from what we’ve seen in footage, there’s a third death row inmate who sooner or later will also come into play. Come on, those female viewers who are fed up with the fact that in many cases men do throughout the anime, they will experience many epic moments with him. discard Female from “Jigokuraku”.

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