a year ago, in survivors 2022 the spark of love jumped between Yulen Pereira and Anabel Pantoja. If earlier the collaborator lasted for days on the reality show, then in this edition she broke all her records and even left with a partner.

The athlete confessed to being in love with her and she did the same, some time after breaking up with Omar Sánchezwho had been her husband.

Because of this, the relationship between Yulen and Anabel was in the media from the very first second. And his breakup too. Since returning to tour with Isabel Pantoja, news broke that the couple had separated and in all programs there has been speculation about it.

Until Yulen himself wanted to settle all the rumors and started Hello! Your reasons for leaving the relationship:

– “His jealousy overwhelmed me. We argued about his insecurities and he started giving me a ball” She explained about her mistakes that led her to deflate: “When you are with your partner you want to kiss him, talk to him, sleep until a thousand … and I was not no longer born to do this with Anabel”.

-“I was not ready to live with a woman. At home, it was a mess. I would leave everything in the middle and Anabel would kick me out,” he admitted of his failures.

In this way, he wanted to put an end to the image that is given to him: “Everyone wants me to be the bad guy. I come home and the tears flow.” To end the interview by making sure he still has feelings for her.

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