Daniela Requena, the influencer who caused a real stupor when she had surgery to change the color of her eyes, reappeared and did so by showing the final result of her cosmetic touch-up. Moreover, whoever was a candidate for nightmare in paradise She spoke openly about the side effects of the operation, which she herself had already mentioned during her visit to Save me Weeks ago.

Wearing dark sunglasses and playing with mystery a bit, the influencer reappeared in front of Mtmad’s cameras to undergo another makeover, this time to put herself in the hands of Alberto Dugarte, the make-up artist to whom they turn. many celebrities in our country. The young woman took the opportunity to show the current state of her eyes and explain how she is, weeks after undergoing keratopigmentation.

Many people have spoken out since the misinformation“, he began by pointing out about this aesthetic retouching which made the headlines and the discussion tables. Later, she clarified that there are many techniques to change eye color, but “keratopigmentation is one of the safest” and that’s what she did.

The influencer showed off her change before the lens and simultaneously explained what side effects she has been suffering from since then. To begin with, one of her problems was that she ended up not having the eye color she had previously chosen. Something she says is normal given the process. “I lost some of the emerald green with an initial bluish tone“, he expressed to clarify later that depending on whether the sun hits him or not, you can see how his eyes have greenish, bluish or grayish tones.

The one who participated in nightmare in paradise He said he losta color at 15%”, but he assured the cameras that he was very happy with the change. In addition, he talked about the operation itself (not suitable for hypondriacs) and the postoperative period itself, which went rather well. Although she also confessed to being a good patient as she strictly followed all medical advice.

Daniela Requena responds to criticism

The influencer also resisted the criticism, clarifying that she didn’t do anything wrong and it was something she did to feel good about herself. Daniela Requena pointed out that she said this not to encourage other people to do so, but because she is very inclined to talk about different parts of her life on social networks and this change was not right. be less.

The influencer kept responding to everyone who criticized her in her day: “I think everyone to hate it is not justified“. In addition, the young woman made a final reflection in which she expressed that “some people should have less hatred and measure their words much more” on social networks because they are not aware that they can do a lot of damage.

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