I don’t know if you will remember that a few weeks ago I made a post where you decided the future of The naughty dog. In short, his next match. Well, it’s not like you’re going to decide along the lines of ordering the studio to make an X or Y game. However, I’ve brought you a poll for you to vote on. Which game would you like to be next? since although The last of us It is a very beloved saga, many want them to stop releasing games since 2 closed very well.

If you want to see the original post I’m talking about, you can do so via this link:

Added to this is the survey I did, which if you are interested in seeing the results or even participate if you haven’t already done so, you can do it below:

You can already see that the survey has been very successful, generating more than 5,000 votes among all readers of Zonejugones. I don’t know if you also participated, but we can see that there are almost total unanimity for one of the options.

EVERYONE wants The Last of Us: Part III to exist (or a spin-off)

  • Con 73% of all votes nothing more and nothing less, the won option “The Last of Us: Parte III (or a TLOU spin-off)
  • The second option, which only has one 13% of the votes, was make a whole new game apart from ELEPHANT
  • then follows Uncharted 5, that although the saga is very famous and has very good games, in the end it seems that many wish that it does not continue
  • And finally they are poor Jak & Daxter with 5% of the votes. Although it makes sense, given that this saga is from the PS2 era and many will have forgotten about it or simply prefer more recent sagas

It’s clear that everyone wants a The Last of Us: Part III… or a spin-off. Honestly for now I don’t want them to continue Ellie’s story. Anyway, that part three features Abby. But if I had to choose a story, I would choose a game that talks about the 20 years between the prologue and the main story of The Last of Us: Part I.

What do you think? Do you prefer a sequel to the second part or do you want them to focus on a story before the one already told? I read you in the comments!

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