Announced just a few days ago by Valve, Counter Strike 2 could also benefit from a mobile version.

just made official Counter Strike 2 captures the attention of millions of players desperate to learn more!

Counter Strike 2: The game could also have a mobile version

After months of rumors and gossip, Valve has confirmed the upcoming arrival of new work for the Counter Strike franchise. Scheduled for the summer season, the software has not yet been unveiled in depth, causing the impatience of fans.

In search of information, some of them have embarked on the exploration of the game code and have discovered interesting details. So, as @Aquaismissing reveals on Twitter, indeed, a version dedicated to the iOS and Android platforms is in preparation. We take note in particular of the mentions “MOBILE” and “mobile_fps”.

Of course, the developers haven’t confirmed anything yet, so we’ll have to wait for a next keynote to be sure. Waiting, the studio continues to select players for the Limited Test of the title and thus learn about the various problems encountered. If you want to be one of the lucky ones: you have nothing to do… Indeed, Valve will sort the fans according to different criteria and will inform you via Steam if you are selected.

As a reminder, Counter Strike 2 is planned for this summer 2023 only on PC.

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