This Could Be Another Reason The CMA Blocked Xbox’s Acquisition Of Activision Blizzard

If One of the Biggest News in Video Game History Happened Last Year, Yesterday It Happened completely the opposite. And it’s not because it was bad news, but because This completely overturned this other news from over a year ago. You know what I mean The purchase of ActivisionBlizzard from Microsoft, to buy what was blocked yesterday after the decision of the CMA, the British trade regulator This prevented the plans Xbox had for Call of Duty.

Since the CMA had been causing problems with the acquisition for some time, Xbox took the opportunity to realize an agreement with nintendo and bring the CoD saga to the consoles of the Big N, including Nintendo Switch, for the next 10 years. Xbox itself has assured that Nintendo Switch could move games from Call of Duty, but today we find ourselves faced with yet another statement from the CMA that says exactly the opposite.

Nintendo Switch is “technically unable” to move Call of Duty

This news was picked up by the famous portal WCtech, and of which I will leave the details below:

  • The CMA published a rather voluminous document in which it spoke about its sentence concerning the agreement between ActivisionBlizzard there Microsoft. you can see it in this link
  • But there is something the community has realized that is important to salvage from the 400+ pages in the document, and that is when they talk about Call of Duty
  • It turns out that the CMA makes sure that Nintendo Switch is “technically incapable” the call of duty mover, contrary to Xbox’s promise to bring the saga to the hybrid console
  • And it becomes yet another reason why the AMC blocked the purchase

Nintendo does not currently offer CoD, and we haven’t seen any evidence to suggest that their consoles are technically capable of running a version of CoD similar to Xbox and PlayStation in terms of gameplay quality and content.


It’s true that Switch surely couldn’t move Call of Duty at 60 FPS like the PS5 or Xbox Series do, but is that enough to block this purchase? For now, we know that Xbox will appeal this decision, and maybe in the long run the purchase will be made. But it looks like it will last a long time.

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