YesWe already know the eighth team that will be in the Radiant League next season. The CT competition will enter its second division of the year with the same eight as the first, after the victory of MIV, a team that faced Relegations against Kumiho.

The contestants started well, winning the first map, but later the palms were able to come back with maps that started well but struggled to close. Finally, the result was 3-1 in favor of MIV, who will fight in the next split in the Spanish second division.

Resume Kumiho-MIV

The Icebox started very positively for MIV, who took a 6-1 opening set, but Kumiho wasn’t going to give up. Coolz and Azazin woke up, and they turned the tables in the final rounds. The Viper and Jett got five rounds in their favor, making it 6-6 in the end.

Already on the attack, and taking advantage of his duelist’s good moment, Kumiho took advantage of this. Although MIV struggled and reached 10 points, He couldn’t stop those seeking promotion from closing the first map with superiority, making those in the Radiant shudder.

Split, the second map, also launched the attack for MIV and used it to their advantage. They started with three rounds in a row, outmatching their enemies in firepower. Kumiho’s boys fought back, but they didn’t get the result to reach their score beyond four rounds, which left the game very unbalanced when changing sides.

However, when the MIV had to defend itself, it also encountered problems. Kumiho came back and brought the game to a tight 9-9. They came to advance, but MIV managed to turn it around, reaching the map point, and Although Kumiho came close to forcing overtime, a manual palm rebound put it 1-1 13-11.

The third stage of equality was Fracture. In this case, it was the MIV that started defending, and that side did well. With a spectacular Michel, they once again gained enough of an advantage that when they changed sides the result was 8-4.

After the change of sides, Kumiho came close to 8-7, but they still took advantage. With a good start, the result turned out to be 12-9 in favor of MIV. Although Kumiho reached the tenth, eventually some incredible shots from Michel settled the game 13-10.

And Ascent seemed a bit supportive of Kumiho, so it could be the 2-2 spot. However, nothing could be further from the truth. MIV’s defense was unstoppable. Those in the Radiant League didn’t want to play anymore, and in this case it was Macharc who shone, sending the game to a 10-2 change of sides.

The first two rounds of their defense went in favor of Kumiho, but the bonus was the eleventh, and they subsequently set match point. Very tough for the contenders, and in the next round a good MIV read got them into A’s point, and Macharc closed the match from behind 13-4.

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