The touch screen would be used to access screenshots, audio settings and to be able to see other information such as battery or time

In the current generation, most gamers were particularly surprised by the features of the DualSense, the PS5 controller that has adaptive triggers and haptic vibration. However, Xbox released a controller that looked a lot like what already existed on Xbox One, so it wasn’t very groundbreaking. He didn’t need to be either, yes, but it looks like he might already have plans to blow up the market.

You will already imagine where the shots will go by reading the title. Fact is, the closest thing on the market These are the PlayStation controls for the DualShock 4, but in reality what they integrate are touch screens which may have some use in games, but they are not screens themselves. Then there’s Nintendo Switch, but since it’s got its handheld feature, it’s normal for that screen to be touch-enabled (useful for very few games, yes).

The Xbox and its possible future revolutionary controller

They were companions of VGC those who echoed a patent filed by Xbox which states the following:

  • The patent talks about a controller that has a touch screen
  • And not only that, but the screen would be used to easily access screenshots
  • Moreover, it would also serve access social networks from there
  • would also be useful for access the audio settings, which would be very useful if you are on voice chat with friends
  • This touchscreen would also be used to display information such as time, remote control battery, user name…
  • The patent also talks about connection via an app with mobile devices

How revolutionary would that be?

Sometimes these kinds of things come into the market and come to nothing. However, I think a touchscreen with the ability to access screenshots or audio settings without having to quit the game or access the Xbox menu that would be really useful and that people would use a lot. Of course, the price of the order would increase.

For now, it is still a patent, so it is not known if it will eventually come to market. Although such an idea should be real, don’t you think?

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